Wrap Up - New York, USA 16/02/2017

Wrap Up - New York, USA 16/02/2017

My name is Rob Conroy, I am a Photographer, Traveller, Filmmaker and Blogger.

I started photography, and filmmaking, as a hobby in the summer of 2013. Since then I have been documenting my global travels though both photographs and video, starting with a year long trip to Australia for the entirety of 2014. This blog is a way for me to document, write about, and share my experiences with a wider audience, showcasing my photography at the same time.

I aspire to be a travel photographer, and hope that this is a way to get me on the right path.

You can follow my adventures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I am also on Bloglovin' so follow me over there as well to be notified when new posts go live.

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