A Week In: Malaga - Pt.2

First off I need to say sorry. Sorry, because this post is going up late. This week has been a busy one for me and I lost track of the days until last night when I remembered I hadn’t written this post!

Now that is out the way, let begin.

I left last weeks post on our third day in Malaga, which means I’m starting this one on our fourth. Our fourth day was spent, yet again, on a beach. Emily and I spent the day on the Malagueta beach again after having another lazy morning and breakfast at a café called Noviembre, the vibe was great and the food really backed it up. When we arrived at the beach we nipped into the ‘everything’ shop over the road to pick up some water, snacks and cider before having a browse of the small market that lined the roadside. We actually picked up a couple of things from the market, the first being a round beach towel that Emily had been after for a long time, and the second being a couple of leather cable tidies that took my fancy. After our browse of the market, we found a suitable spot for our towels before entering relaxation mode. After a few hours in the sun and countless dips in the sea, we headed back to our apartment but via a different route, just to mix things up. I got my camera out for the walk home to justify taking my camera with me. We spent our evening in the city at our new favourite Gin bar after a huge meal at TukTuk Noodles.

Iron Door - Malaga, Spain 03/07/2017

Iron Door - Malaga, Spain 03/07/2017

After a restless nights sleep thanks to our neighbours it was a new day, and another exploring day for us. We hopped on the train to Fuengirola with a plan to have an explore then spend the day on yet another beach. Our plan didn’t exactly go to plan. Once in Fuengirola, we headed to Soffers Café for some breakfast before having a wander around. After about an hour we found a bus route that would take us up to Mijas. With the bus being only a couple of euros we hopped on. A short bus journey later and we were in the beautiful town of Mijas, located in the mountains just outside Fuengirola you wouldn’t even know they were close.

Mijas is full of whitewashed buildings and beautiful views of the coast. We spent some time wandering the small streets, in and out of shops as we went. We arrived in a small square, by the old bullfighting ring, and found an ice cream café where we took a break from the sun. The ice cream was beautiful and the iced latte Emily and I shared was just what we needed. From the café we explored some more before stopping for another drink after only an hour or so, you do have to keep well hydrated in the heat. After some confusion, we got our drinks, Malibu and Coke for Emily and Gluten Free San Miguel for me. Can you believe the confusion was with the Malibu and Coke? From there we headed back to the bus to start our journey back to Malaga. After arriving back in Fuengirola we had a quick bit of beach time before the sun went down, once it had gone we packed up and headed for the train.

Once back in our apartment we showered and headed out for the evening. That evening we ate at the Noviembre café before going back to the pub we visited in the last post for a cider nightcap.

Mijas- Mijas, Spain 04/07/2017

Mijas- Mijas, Spain 04/07/2017

Our last full day in Malaga was spent, for a final time, on the beach. Before we got to the beach though we did a bit of souvenir shopping along Calle Marques de Larios. Emily picked up some gifts for friends, I picked up a couple of bracelets for myself and we picked up a couple of shot glasses for our collection. After our shopping spree, we had lunch at the restaurant we ate at on our first night, it was just as good, if not better. Like I just said we spent the day on the beach again, we were on holiday after all! After a long day at the beach, we headed out to our favourite gin bar for one last time.

Clear Blue- Malaga, Spain 05/07/2017

Clear Blue- Malaga, Spain 05/07/2017

On our final day in Malaga we had to leave the apartment at 11 am, but after our last night, it was kind of hard. Our flight home was scheduled for 5:30 pm so we had to be at the airport for around 3:30 pm which gave us some time to kill. We headed over to Calle Marques de Larios to people watch and do some final shopping. We actually ended up sitting in a cafe with a beer and Malibu and Coke to pass the time. When the time came to head off to the airport we hopped on the train and said our goodbye’s to the city.

Once at the airport we discovered our flight was delayed by 2 hours, which grew to 2 and a half by the time we took off. With all the extra time to kill we wandered around Malaga airport, picked up some local Liquor called Liquor 43 from duty-free, got something to eat and just hung around until our flight. Something that always baffles me about flying anywhere is when people start queuing as soon as someone in any kind of uniform approaches the gate desk as if they will be let on the plane sooner. Emily and I ended up sitting around until the queue was only a few people long before we joined. After a disaster of a journey back to Manchester everything was plain sailing from there. Tony, Emily's dad, picked us up and whisked us off home to end our day in the comfort of our own bed, dreading work the next day.

And that, lady’s and gentlemen, is where this post ends. I have a few trips over the coming months so keep an eye out for those!

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